Peep this! Christmas City cooks up Easter’s favorite chick confection

Meredith Cummings
4 min readMar 30, 2024

One of the most iconic Easter candies comes from Christmas City.

Living among this holiday dissonance is quirky, fun, delightful and strange.

My sweet town of Bethlehem looks like a Hallmark movie set. People here really love Christmas. So. Much. Some businesses keep Christmas trees up year round.

That’s why it floored me when I moved here and learned that Peeps are made right down the street.

What tipped me off was my first Peeps Mobile sighting — a yellow VW bug with giant, yellow Peep on top — tooling around town.

“That’d odd,” I thought. But it’s still Bethlehem. As in, “Oh Little Town Of …”

Peeps — the candy that made it to my Easter basket as a child, in my Alabama Methodist home — come from Christmas City, marrying the two biggest Christian holidays.

Surely Jesus would love Peeps.

A Wall Street Journal article in February talked about visiting a place not at the “best time,” and I can think of no better time to visit Bethlehem than at Easter when the normal tourist season has…



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